Vetiver — Pardon Me While I Sniff Your Hair

I’ve never been sniffed more in my life. I’m getting used to people telling me I smell great and I love introducing people to this whole new world I’ve discovered.

It’s the essential oils. I use them just about 24 hours a day. The day begins with a grounding blend on my feet and a joyful blend on the back of my neck. I brush and rinse my teeth with clove and cinnamon and peppermint. I put a respiratory blend on the shower floor and run hot water to create a steam bath that opens my airways (which leads to a sense of calm from the increased oxygen intake). There’s pink grapefruit in my DIY body wash, lemongrass in my DIY deodorant. All day and all night, the diffuser is puffing out a cool mist that carries whatever I fancy to my nose. Sometimes it’s the “Morning Coffee” blend — Rosemary, Lime and Peppermint. Other times, it’s a calming blend, with lavender, wild orange, ylang ylang and vetiver.

Vetiver is a thick essential oil. It smells of nature, although I’ve heard it described as vetiversmelling like everything from sticks and dirt to marijuana. Not much of a recommendation, but I love the fragrance. It’s soothing, calming, great for diffusing in the evening and relieving the day’s stress. It’s antiseptic properties are excellent for your skin. Children focus better after smelling some vetiver. (Always dilute essential oils when using on children.)

A tiny drop of vetiver rubbed onto your hair will not only make you feel more balanced and relaxed, it will bring appreciative sniffs from everyone you get near.

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Basil — It’s Not Just for Your Caprese Salad!

Basil with textIt’s summer, and the basil is plentiful, but did you know there are more uses for this prolific herb than cooking? Basil essential oil is steamed distilled from the fragrant leaf and is wonderful for your adrenal glands, those little powerhouses located just above your kidneys that pump out the cortisol when you’re feeling stressed. A drop or two rubbed on your back at night can bring restful sleep.

Basil Essential Oil can calm those frazzled nerves, ease arthritic pain, soothe bug bites, clear up congestion and more!

High cholesterol? Let basil oil help lower it naturally.

Earache? A little on a cotton ball placed behind your ear can take care of that.

Poor circulation? Basil can help rev you up.

Headache? A drop on the back of the neck can bring sweet relief!

Hungry? Yes, you can even use Basil Essential Oil in your sauces and dressings! Yum.

stuffed celeryHere’s a super simple and simply delicious appetizer using Basil Essential Oil:
Mix equal parts cream cheese and goat cheese.
Add a drop of Basil Essential Oil (it’s strong, so taste it before adding any more)
Spread into celery stalks and serve!
You can also add a drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil.

According to, Basil Essential Oil is:

Wow, all that in one little bottle! Get a sample of Basil Essential Oil and see if it’s something you’d like to add to your wellness routine!

*These statements are based on scientific research, personal experience, and testimonials of others. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Citrus & Sun Do Not Mix!

citrusHave you heard of “Bar Rot Rash”? Ask any bartender who works out in the open and they can tell you. Handling all those lemons and limes causes an adverse reaction with the sun. And this applies to essential oils, so be mindful! If you have any of the following on your skin, avoid the sun and tanning booths for at least 16 hours:

Wild Orange

And even though Lemongrass smells citrusy, it’s not, so don’t worry about that one.

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My pain is your gain…

A weird thing happened to me in the shower yesterday. There I stood, minding my own business (you know, lather, rinse, repeat, etc…), when I felt a searing pain at the base of my neck. The pain subsided, but my neck felt like I had pulled a muscle and my head began to throb.

So I did what I always do when confronted with pain of any sort — I ran to my medicine deepBlue_optionscabinet, grabbed the Deep Blue and rubbed on a generous helping. I love Deep Blue, especially the rub. It contains Wintergreen, which has cortisone-like properties, Camphor, an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, Peppermint, which gives you that icy-cool feeling, and an extract from a chili pepper that turns that icy-cool into icy-hot. Other ingredients add to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits of Deep Blue, including Helichrysum (which not only helps cleanse the blood and improve circulation, but can also help you let go of angry feelings)*.

The pain subsided and I went about my day, but sometime between dusk and dawn, I awoke with a stiff neck and a throbbing headache. This time, I threw more of my arsenal at the pain. First, I layered the AromaTouch blend with Cypress and Wintergreen and topped that off with another generous dollop of the Deep Blue Rub to unstiffen my neck. Then I pulled out the PastTense and rolled it on my temples to relieve the headache, and managed to get back to sleep.

When I awoke this morning, pain gone. Stiffness gone. Headache gone.

t_DeepBlueRubdōTERRA has an amazing special this month. Open a wholesale account, place a qualifying order and receive a tube of Deep Blue Rub and a 5ml bottle of Deep Blue Soothing Blend for free. That’s more than $80 in pain relief as a bonus. This offer is good until March 31st.

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*I love essential oils for their ability to support physical healing, but it’s the emotional healing benefits I really love.

From Despondent to Delighted…Updated!

I’m never-slash-sometimes surprised when someone shares how essential oils have made a positive impact on their life. Today’s story involves a job-seeking friend who was approached by a major corporation to take over a new division. At first, they wanted to fly him to New York for an interview with the head honcho, who was coming in from his home base in Australia.

But then my friend, let’s call him Don, received an email: there was no need to come all that way for a one-hour interview. Don flirted with despondency, tempted to feel that the big corporation had changed its mind (corporations are people after all, according to the Supreme Court), so we sat and applied some oils.

We started with Purify, also known as the Oil of Purification. This blend Purifyof cilantro, citronella, lemon, lime, melaleuca and pine helps release negative attachments and toxic emotions, according to a book I consult often, Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing. Don wanted to focus on the positive and not let an old pattern of imagining the worst sabotage this situation. He needed to let go of the old before he could accept anything new. Don applied a few drops over his liver and we moved on to the next emotion he wished to focus on: Abundance.

Well, that’s easy! Wild Orange is the Oil of Abundance, but I had a feeling there was more that we could do. Don thought for a minute and came up with another state of mind he wanted to enhance: Creativity. So I consulted the book and found Emotions&EssentialOils Bookthat Citrus Bliss, aka the Oil of Creativity, contained Wild Orange. Abundance and creativity in one drop!

According to the book, Citrus Bliss, with its blend of 7 citrus oils plus vanilla, “is a wonderful combination … for addressing lethargy, discouragement, despondency, or low will to live.” While Don was not feeling suicidal, discouragement and despondency were creeping onto his radar. A drop rubbed over his stomach was all he needed.

“What else could help?” Don asked. I knew that he was open to the spiritual realm and suggested he add a little Frankincense to the mix. Frankincense has been revered through the ages for its ability to help heighten awareness and can enhance the effects of other oils. Frankincense is also great for the skin, it can help keep rogue cells from proliferating, and can ease stress and uplift your mood. I like to say, if it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for you!

Frankincense is produced from the resin of the Boswellia tree

Frankincense is produced from the resin of the Boswellia tree

Don placed a drop on his third eye (that space just above and between the brows), and we moved on to Ginger, the Oil of Empowerment.

GingerDo you know someone who has that victim mentality, always complaining that bad things are happening to them and there’s nothing they can do about it?  (If you don’t know someone like that, perhaps it’s you?) Don wanted to take responsibility for his life, and ginger is just the oil to support him in that goal. Again, according to Emotions & Essential Oils, ginger can help you see yourself as the creator of your own life, able to choose your destiny. Don wanted to have a serious meeting with this big corporation, not a brief hello and goodbye on the phone, so he applied a drop over his stomach.

At this point, I was wondering why most of these oils were supposed to be applied around his midriff. Turns out, that’s where the Solar Plexus Chakra is located, the source of our ability to have confidence and be in control of our lives. What do you need to land that dream job? Confidence, self-worth and a large dose of self-esteem.

Today, Don called and left a voicemail thanking me for my help. He said he felt more positive and confident and was no longer concerned that the big corporation was shining him on. A few hours later, I received the following text: “Talked to the [big corporation] dudes today. Flying to NYC Thur-Sat to meet with [the] Chairman! Those oils work!” I’m not surprised!

Just got a text from Don. “Got the CEO job! Go figure! Oil on oil on oil on oil…you rock!” Now, pay up on that nice dinner, Don!

Would you like help with an attitude adjustment? The certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of dōTERRA, and my coaching, can help! These oils are safe, effective and cost pennies a drop. Contact me and we’ll talk.

Natural Solutions Saved My Vacation!


Here I am on the #24 bus in London. Yes, those are sunglasses I’m wearing. It’s been an incredible weekend (not a cloud in the sky!), and I was pumped to see the sights. I rode the bus from Hampstead to Pimlico, then walked along the banks of the Thames to the Tate Britain. Like most museums in London, it’s free (although I spent nearly $9 on some beets in the cafe).

20131228_142642I took in the works of Turner, Blake, Moore, Hockney, Sargent, Whistler and loads of other amazing artists and headed back to Hampstead on the bus, still feeling great.

20131228_170924After a supper of mushroom and ramen soup at Wagamama, I settled in at the wonderful flat on loan from a friend visiting the States, and started to feel that uh oh tickle at the back of my throat. Instead of worrying that I was getting sick, I reached for my trusty bottle of On Guard+ and took a gel cap. An hour later, I still felt something coming on, so I took another. And just before bed, I took a third.Onguard-Softgels

When I awoke after a solid night’s sleep, I felt better, but slightly congested, so I took a couple of ounces of water, added two drops each of peppermint, lemon and lavender (the allergy cocktail I often recommend), swished it around in my mouth for 30 seconds and swallowed. Within minutes, my sinuses were clear as a bell and I was ready to head out into another stellar day.

15ml_Lemon       Peppermint_15ml     15ml_Lavender

I have been using natural solutions for almost a year now, and whenever I’m faced with a situation that would have sent me to the doctor or back to bed, I reach for a bottle or two of essential oils, and they never let me down. I treat burns, cuts, bruises, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and hot flashes with the certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of dōTERRA. The only side effect I experience is a sense of well being, because essential oils not only help to heal on a cellular level, they are uplifting to the emotions.

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